August: Thank you Caffe Fauccett

"August:  Thank you Kaffe Fassett" '07          

Bead Embellished Quilt                    9" x 13"

"August: Thank you
Kaffe Fassett
Thom Atkins

August, September, October, January and February were all worked in a group in late January and early February. I had already bought, cut and sewn faces and had a fair idea where I was going with these pieces when I spent some time with my sister, Robin, and while proof-reading the paste up for her new book, realized that this was a project about Journaling. It was too late to change August much so it remained about all the bright color in the garden. I used three of Kaffe Fassett’s lush fabrics and lots of beads to create a floral landscape. For this piece, I used a binding technique where-by the design goes all the way to the edge of the piece and the bound portion is turned to the back. The piece is contained by the edge without a frame.