Fire & Ice

"It's Still Raining"    '08      Embellished Tapestry   " x 13"




"It's Still Raining"
Thom Atkins

This piece was based on photographs I took of a California Live Oak in the rain. I worked over the image in Photoshop™, bent the skyline so the oak stood alone on a hill, put in the dark gray clouds and removed the cyclone fence at the base of the slope. Then I printed it, and printed it, had someone else print it. I must have made ten copies of the image before I got the color right in an ink that wouldn?t run. Finally I could add the diagonal lines of machine stitching (over binding and all) and actually put beads on it. I wanted the viewer to be out in the rain so it drips off the edge of the picture. The rain drops are hand-carved Labradorite beads, with no two the same size or shape.


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